Dus-Era- Victory over Evil


There are 2 stories for this festival both basically mean victory over evil! In today’s scenario where are these evil forces ?

if you drill a bit we would realize that its actually within our mind, those negative thoughts which takes birth in our mind, we feed and make them grow is the biggest evil force, some of us probably carrying it every day! Every day we are fighting a war with in us with our people, our friends relatives.

Lord Rama has achieved victory after killing lord Ravan who had 10 heads, Goddess durga achieved victory by killing the rakshas..So today with whom should we start a war with and win to celebrate!!

I think its only one head and those negative thoughts, and we don’t have to chop the head, we will have to do very simple task of chopping the negative thoughts in our mind!

In this technology world of smart phones and apps, i wish we would have usb port to our mind so we can connect our laptops and control it or install a app which control our thoughts or pass a simple electric signal to thwart these thoughts!
Its funny we have to depend on external forces until we learn to control it, those thoughts which created by us, why can’t we destroy it- we are intelligent to develop apps and gadgets but we can’t control our mind and thoughts built !

while some blessed men learn through experience and most women have this in-built nature of controlling through,
>> selective listening>> focusing only on things which matter the most>>ignore the negative >>don’t worry about incidents which happening around which are not under your control and do what you can do, forget the rest ! >> daily dose of positive affirmation>>write something not on computer but on piece of paper>> Listen to music,>>dance>>Walk..
Some of things which would help to create a positive chemical in our mind! Without a USB port!

The day we do this, every day will be a celebration, every day there will be Dushera Diwali, Ramzan,Christmas and more!!!!

Not to forget, all the festival’s objective is to share the joy of togetherness,
With more technology and radiation in our life, somewhere we lost the
human-ness, the bonding!! We should bond often in real!! Put the ego aside, accept and like each other for what we are!!

We will only grow when we are together, we will only shine when we help each other!!

Good luck for creating a festive life!!


Note : Photograph and video used as fair share only, i don’t own them, copyright is with respective owners- thank you!


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