Muraba- Short sweet story!!

while most of us are chasing our dreams, rubbing each other shoulders,sometimes pushing each other’s to go fast, in this crowded world and the mind…

There are other set of people in this country working and living for a day, living for those small beautiful moments to cherish , could be a 5 Rs ice cream or just watching a movie in front row and
their biggest dream probably, is to meet their fav. movie stars, who has become their fav. ‘cos the actors played some real life characters and these people somewhere related themselves to those characters and are satisfied, then they continued their life watching their dreams on the screen but never worked to make it real!! but they are still happy with their life!! living it for that day!

the ones who are still chasing, with hope that one day, will achieve my big dreams of money, fancy clothes, cars, watch, home, etc, and after lot of struggle and sacrifice, one day they will have everything including insecurities, but not the sense of satisfaction and happiness..

….that’s probably what life is!

whether you want to chase or stay still and go with flow, end of the day what matters is are you happy now ? if not, then you will never be!!

small things make big difference..

the song and this story is about a muraba(sweet made of Amla) a father, mother, son and Actor Amitabh Bb..acchan

A father who is ill and thinks that this will be his last days of his life, so wants his son to take muraba made by his mom to his fav. actor Amitabh bacchan(as a last wish), after the

actor tastes he wants to eat that – ‘cos his father (the father’s father) did same thing and he stayed longer!! than what doctors told..

so son goes to Mumbai to meet the actor and realizes its not that easy to meet, he runs out of money, no food, sleeps on road, does odd jobs waiting to meet Amitabh bachhan and after a lot of struggle, he loses his hope but finally manages to meet the actor and gives muraba made by his mom to the actor, what happens next, is to be seen!!(Mumbai Talkies- movie- ) if you already don’t know!! 🙂

> CRUX : acchar ki bottle mein murraba nahi rakthe-(don’t put murraba in pickle bottle)


don’t put your happiness in any bottle- it could be a bottle of dream/money/career etc.. just stay happy like a kid without a reason 🙂 !
Enjoy every day as it comes! happy weekend!!